A Polite notice, for the last couple weeks we’ve had reports a rogue company is cold calling consumers using our brand name - Consumer Connect. If you are experiencing this, please let us know via email and we’ll report this to the Information Commission Office. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. info@consumer-connect.biz

Consumer data for telemarketing, email and mailing

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    Get connected...

    At Consumer Connect we provide consumer data, hot key and lead generation services. With relationships across the data industry, we select the highest quality data and offer impartial advice to help your marketing campaign deliver results every time.
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    Find more customers like your own

    Whether telemarketing, email or mailing we offer hundreds of
    selectable variables and sustainable volumes to help you target
    your exact audience.
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    Accelarate your marketing performance

    With regular quality audits we ensure that the data provided to you is fresh, responsive and ready for your sales team to target - giving you the return on investment that you need.